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Freitag, 16. März 2018

German Google News kicks asses

According to the german version of Google News Help:

  • Google News doesn't exist for Germany (Germany isn't in the list of countries, where Google News is available),
  • there is a country in Asia calling Amsterdam, like on screenshot:

Google, please, don't outsource to India!

Samstag, 3. Juni 2017

Free online SEO tools for TF-IDF calculation

Free online tools for TF-IDF calculation
First of all: what's TF-IDF? In German this content parameter is called WDF / IDF, but the subject is the same:

TF-IDF, term frequency–inverse document frequency, is, explained in short, from rookie to rookie, the relation of term usage frequency in the given document to usage frequency of this term in all documents containing it.

This relation mirrors how relevant is the given document for the given term in the manifold of all documents containing this term.

TF-IDF is successor of keyword density. Some non-demented SEO geriatrics can remind, what means keyword density: number of term's usage in the text divided through the number of all words in the text multiplied with 100. This formula is in reality both most used and wrong.

Well, i'm not your Wiki, and if you're in the full legal age and not banned by Google, you would find fast everything you need to know about keyword density and TF-IDF. I just say: nowadays TF-IDF is nearly the single numeric parameter of content quality. But this article is about something other - i've promised to share some freebies, right?

Montag, 27. Juli 2015

After-Panda SEO for intermediary businesses

After Panda SEO for intermediary business
What we definitely know about Phantom and Panda Updates:
  • Phantom and Panda updates are about onpage quality, whatever it might mean;)
  • Duplicated content fraction of a given page is one of the most important factors, which rank a page down
  • Duplicated content can be easy measured

SERPs disintermediation - Google battles intermediaries

There is a Federal trade Comission's report, about how Google misuses its prevalence to kick off intermediary players from some search verticals, like comparison sites or aggregated shopping, where sites sell products from different manufacturers.

Google means, intermediary businesses are poachers and steal Google's money. Google means, SERP is the place for users to see original manufacturers or direct service provider. SERP should be not the place for intermediary services, cause they are secondary. And the sign of secondarity is easy to measure: it is the fact of presence and the proportion of the duplicated content.

The intermediary job to compare and to aggregate stuff and user voice would belong only to Google, because only Google were good, honest, and, last, but not least, it doesn't offer duplicated content - it's just a search engine, not?
Google is a strong rival, playing by own rules. But do you still want to survive this battle?

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

How to hide webpage parts from Google indexing

prevent indexing page parts
Wishes and needs to hide webpage parts from Google indexing are common. Before i proceed, i make one thing clear:

No tag can exclude webpage part from Google indexing!

The silly advice about a snake oil named googleon / googleoff is mantra-alike repeated in the wild web. The repeating won't make it working: googleon / googleoff do their job only inside of Google Search Appliance environment, said John Müller of Google. Hope we closed this discussion once and forever.

But don't worry! Believe it or not, i have for you whopping 4 workarounds, how to hide webpage parts from Google indexing. Let's look into one by one:

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

How to create nested lists in Blogspot

I've struggled some time with creating of nested lists in my blog at Blogspot. Then i realized a simple workaround to get them done. To create nested lists in Blogspot, you must

How Penguin evaluates the link quality

Google's Penguin update is about links, namely about good and bad backlinks to your site. It will evaluate anchors of your backlinks and the quality of backlinking sites. Further it will look deeper into relations between your site and sites linking to you.

Further are some factors listed, which will help you to rethink your linking strategy and, maybe, enlighten you in purifying your link profile, so the Penguin gets no appetite for eating your site;)

Following characteristics do influence on how Penguin evaluates link profile quality of your site:

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

C for Content: part 4 of the HASCH the OnPage SEO framework

creating relevant content

How to create relevant content

Shortly i was asked about the definitive OnPage ranking factors. My first and short answer was, there isn't the single ranking factor, but a combination of some. Then it seemed to me, this question could be very relevant verbalization of the article about website content for the part 4 of the HASCH, my OnPage SEO framework. I don't want to rob your time with commonplace phrases about "the content is king, must be unique, interesting, well-written, useful, fresh, catchy, provoking, outrageous" or the like. I will instead explain, which tangible traits must own your content to rank well. With  "to rank well" i mean, that search engine algorithm will reckon your website text as topically relevant to your chosen and used in the text keywords. Let's ask:
  • what makes content relevant?
  • how to create relevant content?
To the answers

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

S for Semantic: part 3 of the HASCH the OnPage SEO framework

The third part of my OnPage framework is dedicated to semantic of a webpage. With this article i will give an overview of benefits and usage areas of semantic markup. Use this article like a kind of cheatsheet for OnPage audits of existing website, SEO strategy for website under construction, or website preparation for semantic search before relaunch.

Why semantic?

  • Search engines use semantic to improve the search results (semantic search).
  • Using semantic OnPage makes texts better machine-readable (exacter understanding and distinguishing).
  • All fresh kinds of search results output, like rich snippets, Knowledge Graph, the OneBox are based on and populated with semantically rehashed informations.
  • Google accomplished a paradigm transition "from strings to things". The "thing" here is the main object of (web) semantic, an entity. An entity means in our context just a keyword, or keyword phrase, but more or lesser interrelated and explicitly verifiable by other sources,
  • It's already proven, that semantic markup is a ranking factor: 0,3% of all sites make use of semantic markup, but 36% of sites at SERP encounter it.
Semantic website revamp is the key to being understood by machines. Quite enough reasons to scrutinize the subject! Lets go:

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

40 secret keyword research tools to find the million dollar keyword

free keyword research tool
Some of the most popular keywords, which Google suggests, regarding keyword tools are "keyword research", "keyword spy", "keyword generator", "keyword finder", "keyword discovery", "keywords search" and "keywords for SEO". I decided to tell about some tools, which i use for certain aspects of keyword research. The keyword research tools i tell about have all in common, that they aren't well-known as e. g. Übersuggest, but they accomplish exactly so good if not better the same tasks, as established commercial and free tools.

What are the main keyword research tasks a SEO and SEA use to do? The tasks are different (better optimizing, saving money, out-competing of competitor), but the primal goal of keyword research is always the same: to get more cheaper targeted traffic. A SEO is looking for keywords for optimized page or analyzes the competitor's landing page. A SEA is looking for keywords for an ad and for the landing page, or analyzes competitor's ad and landing page. Lets further look, which keyword research tools could be helping in this (only free tools and no affiliate links, promised:)

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

How to link guest posts to get the most author trust rank

Guest blogging is a hot topic now. There is much unclear with it: some of doing guest blogging get penalized, other are up and about spreading guest posts, and do it fearless and en masse. Ok, the life keeps moving, and incoming links must be acquired, whatever comes, cause they remain one of the strongest signals for the site ranking. In the last article about guest blogging i've written about guest post markup, which helps you to create an additional trust signals in it. Shortly, reading an article from Bill Slawski about Google co-occurrence patent and keyword relationships i got an idea about utilizing of co-occurrence for guest blogging.

What are main problems with guest blogging from Google's point of view:
  • guest article hasn't topically to do with the whole publishing site
  • guest article author is rewarded with (highly) keyword-enriched link anchor text from the guest article to author's own site.
The topical relation's issue is the business of an author alone - only author decides, where to guest post. But what is the motivation to guest post if not the keyword-enriched anchor in the backlink? It must be any kind of threading relation from the guest post to the own site. Let us look, how to set the thread without penalty fear:

Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

A for Architecture: part 2 of the HASCH the OnPage SEO framework

What means a SEO talking about architecture? What kind of architecture matters for SEO?

SEO must clearly distinguish two kinds of website architecture:
  • site-wide architecture,
  • page-wide architecture.
Both site-wide and page-wide architectures have own rules to obey. I will formulate these rules flexible and adaptable enough to be applied to any content or ecommerce project.

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

How to SEO pdf files

How to optimize pdf file for search engines
If your task is to optimize a pdf file for search engines, you must ensure, that your pdf file will be text sourced and not image-sourced. To do so, create your pdf file with a text editor like Libre Office / Open Office or the like, and never with an image editor like Photoshop.

The SEO for pdf procedure isn't tricky, but the optimization quality depends vitally from your general HTML and SEO knowledge:

Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Responsive site vs mobile site: howto to make a right decision

There are many great articles written about which site version is better: responsive site or mobile site, but not a single one answers this question in general and in short words. Why? Cause in this formulation, "which is the best", it can't be answered in general. I will not cite all pros and contras of responsive and mobile site versions. But i recommend you two questions, answering them you will reach your own decision, what do your visitors want and which version will bring the most revenue.

Montag, 31. März 2014

How to practice guest blogging successfully without penalty fear

Guest blogging tip
There are hard times for guest bloggers and guest blogging platforms. Google's top spam officer  means, guest blogging is done. Even was penalized one of the most successful guest blogging brokers. There is a big chaos and panic in the webmarketing environment. "Guest blogging is dead" is one of the most searchable phrases. But in my opinion there is a kind of doing guest blogging, which allows the successful valuable guest blog practice. Lets look on what exactly hates Google on guest blogging, what exactly drives a guest blogger into penalty and how the common sense and semantic markup help us to spread our guest blog articles and get valuable backlinks for it without penalty fear.

Montag, 17. März 2014

How to SEO Joomla? - advanced SEO extensions and workarounds

From all free PHP web CMS i like Joomla more than all other. Why? I can work with it very effectively and get done alone enterprise level projects, which would need e.g. with Drupal or Typo3 about 3 working persons. I started to use Joomla as it was called Mambo and use it still on some projects. With the time it become more and more pleasant to work with - the structure becomes mature and MVC, usability makes fun, extensions repository grows and contains fantastic extensions. And there are too some wonderful tools and workarounds for accomplishing Joomla SEO tasks, speciall OnPage. Some extensions, which i use extensively myself i will introduce below. I will talk only about free or extremely lowcost extensions.

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

How to result co-citation into valuable backlink?


What yields co-citation for SEO?

There is much stuff written about the role of co-citation for SEO. To explain co-citation briefly: if site A links to sites B and C, then Google means sites B and C are somehow related. But how SEO makes a valuable backlink Profit with co-citation?

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Advanced image optimization: Exif matters!

You want surely , that your site comes into relevant SERP with its images. There are some technics, which will enrich your images and let them be better indexed. Beside of this we talk about image size optimization - size matters, you know.

Freitag, 1. März 2013

How to ask right questions? - most offen used interrogative words in english

Well, the most asked question in english (also known as interrogative word) is "how". The asking champion is USA. The next mostly asked question is "what", and the next three i analyzed are "when", "where" and "who". Here you can see the whole graph and after we'll talk about, how are the question words to do with SEO and what one might do better on asking questions;)