Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Responsive site vs mobile site: howto to make a right decision

There are many great articles written about which site version is better: responsive site or mobile site, but not a single one answers this question in general and in short words. Why? Cause in this formulation, "which is the best", it can't be answered in general. I will not cite all pros and contras of responsive and mobile site versions. But i recommend you two questions, answering them you will reach your own decision, what do your visitors want and which version will bring the most revenue.

  1. The first question is about your visitors / customers. To exactly answer this question you must analyze them, in best case with any web analytic software. On this way you will grab the data how many of your customers visit your current site from mobile device, with which browser. After you got these numbers, you must dive deeper into your data to get more to know about your visitors. You must see, how much revenue they generate, how quick, what are the steps to conversion and so on. After all you must be able to answer the question: are your mobile visitors worth to get dedicated mobile site?
  2. The second question relates to the first, but it is about you and your potentialities like manpower and budget. You must understand, that with building of extra mobile site you make the whole of your tasks double: design, web administration, content management, security, marketing and SEO. So the second question you must answer is, will your mobile visitors bring so much value, so you will be able to manage your doubled tasks amount, financially and with given manpower.
If you answered the second question with "yes", you know what to do; otherwise too:)
Enjoy the summer!

PS: one of the next topics will be a follow-up of this one, namely: "How to make a right decision: mobile site vs. mobile app"