The condemned live longer

SEO is dead. SEO is dead! SEO is dead? I don't think so, despite pretty much other mentions. I do SEO more or less since 2004, and at least after each algorithm update there come tons of SEO-is-dead-racket. Each time it looks same: algorithm update -> some (well known) sites are suffer down in SERPs -> SEO-is-dead hype -> ... -> tons of articles "how to keep alive after algorhitm update" and so on till next algo update;) There are many web enterpreneurs, who makes SEO-is-dead powwow to business model... As i decided to blog about my SEO experiences, the blog title occurs to me just in time. So long as impressions convert to leads and sales, SEO will be alive, i bet.

My intention with this blog is to collect and share my empirical SEO know-how, SEO tools i use, little useful things and thoughts about several advanced aspects of SEO.