Freitag, 28. März 2014

Solution for "Your post was not shared. Please try again" and how to post to multiple communities

Your post was not shared. Please try again
As i was a bloody rookie at Google+ i was affected many times by the "Your post was not shared. Please try again" error. This error alert rises from time to time if one tries to post something in any community. After some researches i guess to determine the problem's cause. The cause of this issue is BTW related to the wish and try to post to multiple communities. Updated at 1.07.2014. Updated at 8.07.2014
There are some people, which run into the same issue. What they tried to do to go around it! Delete cookies, use other browsers - for some people somethings helped, for other helped nothing at all. I tried these methods too - for me they don't work. But once i came to an idea to workout it. I was always affected by this issue, if i tried to post into several communities one by one. My postings were not the same, but the tries to post were temporally close one to another. After many fruitless tries to post with several browsers and with deleted cookies i think, Google+ has a flood gap integrated, which takes effect based on sophisticated formula of several signals to recognize the poster identity.  I don't realize, which exactly signals play a role, but it could by a combination of IP address, MAC address of the network device, hardware id's and the like. Trying to fake is useless: on the first take i got it: first try with another browser worked for me, and first try to delete cookie worked too, but not the next tries. The main thing is: it' not worth it, to try to fake, cause there is an easy possibility by design of Google+ to post many postings into many community (already) simultaneous.

Google+ post to multiple communities

Google defends and fight spam. It's well known, all communities, specially free communities are spam vulnerable. From this point of view it must be not possible to post to multiple communities at once. If somebody would post to multiple communities, some of them are private, it would compromise the community privacy rules too. But nonetheless Google+ is benevolent by design and allows you to post to multiple communities (already) simultaneously - it's just named differently:
  1. Go to the communities, where you want to post and request the full (writing) access, if the community is private, or just become a member, if creating posts in the community doesn't need a request.
    post to multiple communities
  2. Go back into your account and write your post, which will for sure interest them all. After you complete writing, publish it. And watch out that the publishing status of your post is public!
  3. After your post is published you see it on your Google+ wall. On the post's bottom click the button with an arrow "Share the post", like on my image on the right side.
    Google+ post to multiple communities
  4. After it you get your post ready for sharing: you can add a comment just above of the post, but the main thing: on the post's bottom you can select any community, where you granted writing access, to share your post into it.  In the fact, you can select only one community for sharing at a time, but, you can share your post whenever you want and into so many communities you want.
Enjoy posting into multiple communities and please share responsively!

UPDATE, 1.07.2014: yesterday i run in this issue again. It was hard: i wasn't able even publish a link on my G+ own posts page. After some investigations i got to know following problem's cause: this misbehavior hast on any way to do with microdata/ markup, which exists in the page, which link i tried to publish. I got to know too, that there are some other users who is affected by this issue. And true, the article, link to which i tried to publish, does contain microdata, even a real amount of it, cause it is a partly subject of the article. So i decided not to delete microdata, and, beside of this, to get my link although published i published it like a text post with a link inside - this works. Well, if my solution from above doesn't work for you, and you get still this stupid message "Your post was not shared. Please try again", then:
  • check existence of the microdata markup and its errors in the source code of the article you want to publish.
  • If got errors, correct them and try to publish.
If it doesn't help, think about:
  • do you want to get rid of the whole microdata markup and publish your article (this BTW isn't even clear, whether you will be able to publish it, if you delete all your microdata) or whether
  • do you want to keep microdata and publish the link to your article as a text post.
Wish you success and
enjoy the summer!

UPDATE 8.07.2014
I located the definitive solution of "Your post was not shared. Please try again" error for this my Blogger blog:
To be able to post links to Google+ errorless, the source code of Blogger posts (the whole source code: HTML tags, text and spaces) must be shorter as 15934-15947 characters.