Posts mit dem Label OffPage SEO werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen
Posts mit dem Label OffPage SEO werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Solution for "stop spamming us. you're wasting your time" at Hacker News / Ycombinator

solution for "stop spamming us. You are wasting your time"
If you get this message on trying to post something at Hacker News / Ycombinator (not dependently of submitting method: bookmark or site form), it means, the site you try to post is flagged by any HN admin as spam. By mistake or not is another question - i know the case, when YouTube was flagged as spam there. Anyway our intention is not to dispute with HN admins whether our list is spam or not, but rather just to post a link, what we want to post. Deleting cookies doesn't help. But the working solution is simple:

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

How to link guest posts to get the most author trust rank

Guest blogging is a hot topic now. There is much unclear with it: some of doing guest blogging get penalized, other are up and about spreading guest posts, and do it fearless and en masse. Ok, the life keeps moving, and incoming links must be acquired, whatever comes, cause they remain one of the strongest signals for the site ranking. In the last article about guest blogging i've written about guest post markup, which helps you to create an additional trust signals in it. Shortly, reading an article from Bill Slawski about Google co-occurrence patent and keyword relationships i got an idea about utilizing of co-occurrence for guest blogging.

What are main problems with guest blogging from Google's point of view:
  • guest article hasn't topically to do with the whole publishing site
  • guest article author is rewarded with (highly) keyword-enriched link anchor text from the guest article to author's own site.
The topical relation's issue is the business of an author alone - only author decides, where to guest post. But what is the motivation to guest post if not the keyword-enriched anchor in the backlink? It must be any kind of threading relation from the guest post to the own site. Let us look, how to set the thread without penalty fear:

Montag, 31. März 2014

How to practice guest blogging successfully without penalty fear

Guest blogging tip
There are hard times for guest bloggers and guest blogging platforms. Google's top spam officer  means, guest blogging is done. Even was penalized one of the most successful guest blogging brokers. There is a big chaos and panic in the webmarketing environment. "Guest blogging is dead" is one of the most searchable phrases. But in my opinion there is a kind of doing guest blogging, which allows the successful valuable guest blog practice. Lets look on what exactly hates Google on guest blogging, what exactly drives a guest blogger into penalty and how the common sense and semantic markup help us to spread our guest blog articles and get valuable backlinks for it without penalty fear.

Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Oftener and deeper into Knowledge Graph? - Become better entity at Wikidata!

create entity to come into knowledge graph
Well my dear entity owners, i realize with pleasure, you really like becoming entity! You maked such stormy run on my previous topic about becoming entity with creating Freebase topic, that i decided to write a follow-up to tell more detailed about a further possibility of entity enriching and chaining of entities. I mean, as more structured and linked data we provide publicly, as more cause we give to the search algorythmus to interrelate us with our creative works, products and the like. Establishing and reinforcing of such interrelations gains firstly our author and trust rank, secondly it enhances our influence grad and our pubications authority. I see these interrelations like a relations between left and right brain hemisphere: the more synaptic relations are established (thickness of Corpus Callosum), the higher is creativity and intelligence. Then let's our entities interrelation as thick as possible, to achive such amount as it was by Einstein's brain;) Now we create our new entity at Wikidata, and then connect this new entity to our already existing.

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

How to become an entity? Create Freebase topic!

create freebase topic
What? Are we individuals not already a kind of entity? Sure, but... Google would say - not enough, it lacks something important. Yes, if you not forget about rel="author", if you publish something, you are on the good way to become a real machine-readable entity. It remains just a little step to be affiliated in the community of the Knowledge Graph entities: yes, i mean your entry in Freebase.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Do you really need this backlink?

worthy and unworthy links
There is a very simple rule to decide, whether you really need a backlink from the given page, whether the site is worthy enough, so you will not need in the future to disavow it - and Google uses the same rule for sure.

The rule is: do you expect ANY traffic this backlink will generate? The real link value isn't a page's Page Rank, but a generated keyword-targeted traffic! If you see any site, you can decide with your common sense and without any analytic tool, whether you will get barely one single visitor from it. If common sense isn't enough, make use of free analytic tools like MajesticSEO, Open Site Explorer or the like to estimate the traffic. Try to estimate traffic not for the the main page, but for the page wherefrom you plan to get a backlink. And if not - you don't need such backlink. This rule is applicable to pages (not sites) without PR or with PR 0-1. You can assume, that pages with a hiegher PR do generate any traffic.

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Imagemap creation for SEO purposes

It's not a kind of doing, what you can use on each corner. But such hint could help you to diversify and enrich your assets and to gain the spreading of your source. But don't misuse - you could be just quickly abused;) Google doesn't like if you become oversmart. I'm talking about imagemaps, the links inside of imagemaps and making use of imagemaps for SEO purposes.