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40 secret keyword research tools to find the million dollar keyword

free keyword research tool
Some of the most popular keywords, which Google suggests, regarding keyword tools are "keyword research", "keyword spy", "keyword generator", "keyword finder", "keyword discovery", "keywords search" and "keywords for SEO". I decided to tell about some tools, which i use for certain aspects of keyword research. The keyword research tools i tell about have all in common, that they aren't well-known as e. g. Übersuggest, but they accomplish exactly so good if not better the same tasks, as established commercial and free tools.

What are the main keyword research tasks a SEO and SEA use to do? The tasks are different (better optimizing, saving money, out-competing of competitor), but the primal goal of keyword research is always the same: to get more cheaper targeted traffic. A SEO is looking for keywords for optimized page or analyzes the competitor's landing page. A SEA is looking for keywords for an ad and for the landing page, or analyzes competitor's ad and landing page. Lets further look, which keyword research tools could be helping in this (only free tools and no affiliate links, promised:)
Your first and last keyword research tool must be always the AdWords keyword tool. Not cause we love Google, but cause only there you get the Google's view on the main metrics of an analyzed keyword: traffic, CTR, click price.

Keyword research tools classification

Keyword research tools are mainly of 2 kinds:
  • Tools where keyword research is a single task
  • Tools where keyword research is one of many functions
Keyword research tools can be arranged into:
  • Standalone downloadable programs
  • Online tools
Online keyword research tools are on their part:
  • Standalone tools
  • Browser extensions
  • Tools with tied online  part and browser extension
Classification by the licensing art is clear:
  • free,
  • freemium,
  • commercial.
Freemium and commercial tools could contain any combination of next decreasing possibilities:
  • fully functioning free version
  • free version with reduced functions
  • free version with using time limit

Well-known keyword research tools

I begin with listing of the keyword research tools, which are in my opinion well-known - the common knowledge state can vary, so don't hesitate too look on the list of well-known products, you could find some tool, which you personally never seen and used before and which will make your day.

The whole bunch of sophisticated freemium or commercial market-dominating tools like MOZ, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Raven, SEMRush, Searchmetrics, Kissmetrics etc. Every tool has advanced keyword research and analyzing possibilities and each SEO business must use at least one of them.
Then come well known tools, both performing keyword research as single task and doing keyword research as a part of a suite of SEO tools:
Keyword research tools provided by Bing are well-known too, but they require for full functioning an Excel:
Keyword research tools from Google are such well-known - i will not mention them here. Maybe beside of a single one:
Regarding keyword research this tool is interesting not because time ranges, but because you get to your queried keywords other keywords, are topical field related AND are mostly queried with your query.
Here I've finished up with known keyword tools and with a feeling of fulfilled duty begin with

Keyword research tools outside mainstream

Browser (Firefox) extensions for keyword research

1. KGen
KGen calculates word lists by frequency of any page, where it is turned on. Lists can be sorted and exported. Beside of this it calculates the weight of each word in the list. The weight parameter is computed on basis of the place in the page's source code: a word appearing in title has more weight as the same word in the paragraph. In the KGen options you can manipulate the weight, associated with each HTML attribute, create own lists of ignored words and some other individualizations. On data basis of KGen you can make reasoned decisions about improving of own texts and make insights into competitor's texts.

2. ClearForest Gnosis
ClearForest Gnosis analyzes page in real time, whether any keyword on the page is located as entity in a bunch of other internet media. If yes, the keyword(s) are underlined and the extension creates a synced media list. The media list, which are queried, contains beside of Wikipedia, main USA news sites, but can you can change it in the options through deleting or adding of own media URLs. Don't let you warp from using of this extension through the last negative review at Firefox's extensions page. In fact, the support site gives 404 out, but the extension works, on the latest Firefox 31 too - i've tested it. You must just wait some seconds: the extension needs time to parse all sources.

Offline (downloadable) keyword research tools: free or with free version

free keyword research tool
3. Keyword researcher tool by Clever Gizmos
Developers call it keyword research tool just a "Google's autocomplete scraper". But the tool is far more as this. The tool parses not only Google, but many language versions of it, Amazon, Bing, YouTube etc., can be adjusted by its search on location and time, allows different operations with generated keyword lists, lets import, operates and exports your own keyword lists, uses auto-additions of characters on searching, like "keyword + A, B, n...", establishes wildcard searches. The full version price is 40$.

4. Rapidkeyword keyword research tool
This tool contains big amount of useful functions. The full functions list and good documentation help to max out its possibilities and perform your keyword research on high level. Below some of tool's functions regarding keyword research. management and keywords list composing.
Keyword research
  • using the Overture keyword suggestion with data display
  • parsing meta-data
  • parsing Yahoo related and Google Suggest
Competitor analyzing
  • checking the amount of keyword-related running ads on Adwords, Overture and Miva
  • sorting keywords on amount of running ads
  • finding out how many pages are there in Google for your keywords.
  • live keyword query preview
Keyword Management
  • splitting  keyword lists into files with specific number of keywords
  • merging keyword lists
  • check and deletes duplicates and predefined stopwords
  • filter out keywords that include undesired words or stopwords
  • removing a list of specific keywords from your master keyword list
  • wrapping (exact, broad and phrase match) keywords for using on Google Adwords
  • creating keyword phrases from keyword lists
  • cleaning up the lists (spec.characters, redundant linefeeds. whitespaces)
  • Utilizes RegExp for find, replace and other processing of keywords and lists
  • Auto-Save & Load between sessions
  • Moves keywords with one click between all keyword tools
This tool provides fully functional test version. The full version costs 70$ - if you will more like it, then 69.99$ ;)

5. A1 keyword tools - website ranking and keyword analyzer tool by Micro-Sys
This is definitively one of the tools of my choice. In the awesome documentation you become up and running with this tool. Then i describe in short, what kinds of keyword research are you able to perform with:
  • check and track the website's position ranking regarding a given keyword in several search engines
    Check your competitor regarding organic and paid search using keywords and pagerank as metrics
    get new keywords using suggestions from several search engines
    create, manage and combine keyword lists
    measure keyword density and keyword weight on any page with personally adjusted weighting of keyword occurrence places like title, headings, anchors etc
    export results as XML or CSV
Keyword research tool from a father-son danish software company with fully functioning 30 days trial version.

6. Keyword snooper
This tool is noticeable through its integration with Google's keyword planer. It takes keyword suggestions from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay and Many keywords can be simultaneously analyzed with Google Trends. Creation and and applying of several filters to keyword lists is possible. The documentation isn't present, but on the tool's website are all use cases detailedly explained. Fully functioning test version is available, the tool costs 39$.

7. Keyword research tool by Keywordcountry
Keyword research is one of 22 other tools in this SEO tool suite. Regarding keyword research there are following functions available:
  • generating keyword lists
  • rip keywords from competitor page
  • checking LSI keywords
  • get keyword suggestions on basis of misspelling
  • keyword research in many languages
  • location based keyword research
  • alerts on using new keywords through competitor
The tool is pretty well documented. The tool gives full functioning 30 days trial. This tool needs subscription which costs 300$ yearly and 50$ monthly.

8. Rank reporter by Inspyder
Rank reporter is a keyword tool, which monitors a website ranking regarding 20 to 200 keywords through Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL. There are available:
  • internal database for results for later using and creating of predictions
  • own template system for search engine querying
  • integration of AdWords data
  • competitor tracking
  • scheduled reports
  • email alerts if some keyword ranking changes after scheduled querying
  • graphic charts of several search engines querying
  • Excel and PDF reports
The keyword tool is documented on more then 40 pages. Unlimited project configurations and unlimited keywords aren't available in the test version. The full version costs 74.95$.

9. Keyword competing
Like the name said this tool is provided mostly to make keyword research on competitor sites. Furthermore it can:
  • generate new keywords, keyword variations
  • compute their organic and PPC rankings by AdWords and other PPC campaigns
  • create keyword variations through batch combinations and replacements using keyword lists
  • take keyword suggestions and relations from search engines
  • analyze meta keywords, descriptions and titles of given websites
  • check keyword competitions
  • clarify low and high competition to reduce CPC
  • create keyword lists extracting keywords from any analyzed source, like search engine, ad campaign, website, keyword list etc.
Before any decision look into the tool's documentation - there you get explained the functions and can argue your purchase decision. The differences between test and full versions are only in the quantities of analyzed properties:
Number of Keywords, Competitors, or Queries
Seed keywords
(user specified keywords for simultaneous analysis)
2 200
Competitors for simultaneous Analysis 1 20
Pages of results for each keyword query 10 10
Depth (Round of searches with new keywords generated) 2 3
Input keywords for extracting Suggest & Related keywords 5 200
Input competitors' domain for extracting Competitor's Meta Tag keywords 2 20
New candidate keywords 500 Unlimited
New possible competitors 10 Unlimited
This is a subscription tool with monthly subscription's price of 9$ and yearly - 108$.

10. Good keywords
"Good Keywords", India located developer, offers many SEO tools, regarding keyword research there are 2 commercial tools with free test version and 3 free tools. Regarding commercial tools: the "Competition Strategy Studio" costs 109$, and the "Keyword Strategy Studio" costs 49$, so if decided to purchase the first or both, so it is cheaper to buy the main product, "Internet Strategy Studio" for 129$, which contains, beside of the 2 keyword tools i mentioned before, 10 other SEO tools in addition.

11. Competition Strategy Studio by Good Keywords
Here are the main functions list:
  • generate hundreds of related keyword phrases, but also find the top competing sites, URLs and top ranked web-page titles
  • measure and export data of any competitor with metrics like PR, links, Alexa rank etc.
  • creates spider view of any URL and makes visible title and anchor text, keywords, headings and HTTP header
  • define location and language for all measurements
For better understanding read the documentation. The tool has a full functioning test version and costs, like i said before, as standalone tool, 109$.

12. Keyword Strategy Studio by Good Keywords
This tool suggests keywords, taking them from
  • your import files
  • and own parsing of
  • recent news,
  • social buzz,
  • product titles in marketplaces,
  • top ranked page titles,
  • semantic relations and
  • misspelling of given keywords.
Other possibilities and functions of this tool are
  • own keyword database, which understand SQL,
  • sophisticated keyword list management and correction,
  • results export,
  • creating of keyword phrases from keyword lists.
Read the tool guide for more detailed insight. The tool offers free test version and costs 49$.

13. Keyword Pad by Good Keywords
This tool is seeming to have all possibilities of keyword management from Good Keywords commercial tools. This is the function list in short:
  • removing duplicate keywords from keyword lists
  • keyword sorting (asc / desc)
  • keyword phrases manipulating and cleaning up: removing words at begin, end, in the middle, removing leading or trailing characters, keyword search and replace, remove repeated characters
  • creating keyword phrases from misspelling or replacing / recombining of keywords in a keyword phrase
  • merge keyword lists
  • adding or removing prefix or suffix to keywords
  • moving keywords between keyword lists
  • export and import keyword lists
This keywords management tool is free.

14. "Good keywords" keyword research tool by Good Keywords
This is the name-giving tool of the whole suite. It has as the single one of the free tools its own documentation. Lets look, what it can: beside of such known possibilities, like taking keywords from Google's suggestion, creating keywords using misspelling, building keyword phrases using keyword recombining in a keyword phrase it measures a site popularity of sites using a given keyword and link popularity. The source for the site popularity measurement is Alexa ranking. The source for the link popularity measurement are search engines, which are parsed to get to know, how many sites link to the yours. The tool is free but limited to the management of 20.000 keywords.

15. Keyword Explorer by Good Keywordsoffline keyword research tool
This tool performs a set of useful queries searching sites with a specified keyword position:
  • allintitle
  • allinanchor
  • exact search (quotated keywords)
  • text body search
The top window part shows the list with query results as numbers. The bottom window part is the tabbed interface with each query kind and sites, which are search results for the query. The tool is free.

16. Keyword Optimizer Pro by Dave Guindonkeyword optimizer pro - free offline keyword research toolThis tools is nothing other as a scraper for suggestions from Google, Yahoo and Bing. It takes your keyword phrase and search for it through 3 search engines adding ascending characters  to your keyword phrase, like "keyword1 keyword2 0-9a-z". The tool has however some improvements, like:
  • you can adjust interval between each search and between each hundred of searches
  • you can adjust proxy, add own proxies or let the tool download them
  • you can adjust the weighting of each search engine, wherefrom the tool takes keyword suggestions. All search engines must have 100%.
The tool is free. You can download it from here: kop-setup.exe too. The activation code is KOP1234.

17. Arsyn Keyword Scraper
This tool is nearly a twin to the previous one. The only difference is, that Arsyn keyword scraper takes suggestions from Google web search, news search, shopping, YouTube and recipes. You can download this tool from the homepage and just here: ArsynKeywordScraperInstall.exe.
18. Ultimate Keyword Hunter
This tool performs LSI keyword research. LSI keywords in short are topically related keywords. Using of synonyms and such topical related keywords is for Google a signal for topical relevance. That's in general the cause, why perform LSI keyword analyze. How to use this tool you can read on the tool's homepage directly. The tool is free: you can download it from the tool's homepage or just here: UltimateKeywordHunter.msi.
19. Keyword Rank Checker by CuteRank
This free tool performs following actions:
  • scheduled checks of keyword rankings
  • detailed ranking history in charts and tables as long as one year
  • managing keyword in keyword groups
  • export ranking results in HTML, csv, PDF
The only difference with the commercial version of this tool is the possibility to simultaneously monitor more then one single site. This free tool monitors only 1.

20. Rank Tracker tool: part of SEO PowerSuite by Link-Assistent
I name here some functions i like:
  • using of 17-19 different keyword suggestion tools and 325 search engines.
  • utilizing Google Analytics data
  • monitors all parts of Google Universal Search
  • monitors most Google services, like appearing in Image search, news search, YouTube, shopping, Places, Books
  • monitors geo-targeted appearing
This is really powerful and equally expensive tool, which costs 299€. But it provides nearly full featuring free version, which differs from the full versions only in few numbers. Look into versions comparison and inform you, why this tool is one of my favorites in this list.

21. Keyword Manager Tool by Redfly
This is another one manager and manipulator of keyword lists. It imports and exports lists. Keyword lists can be modified, duplicated and multiplied. This tool performs following tasks on keyword lists:
  • deduplicates keyword lists
  • deletes keywords containing user-specified term, or specifically located inside a keyword phrase
  • deletes keyword  phrases with user-specified word number
  • removes unwanted characters like empty lines, line feeds or tabs or repeated character or spaces
  • removes character sets like all punctuation or all numbers
  • removes or adds words from/to begin or end of keyword phrases
  • converts between upper- and lowercase
  • searches and replaces single words in keyword phrases
  • creates keywords using misspelling with user selected kind of misspelling (character duplicating,
  • character swapping, character missing)
  • highlights keywords containing user-specified keywords or with given words amount in the keyword phrase
  • CSV export
Keyword manager tool is downloadable for free from the homepage or from here: keyword manager tool by Redfly

Online keyword research tools

22. Keyword Tool Dominator: free long tail keyword tools
These are 5 autosuggest keyword tools: they perform keyword research through autosuggestion from Google, Amazon, Bing, Ebay and Google product search.

23. Jumbo Keywordjumbo keyword: free online keyword research toolThis free tool provides an interface with 70+ functions for manipulating keyword lists. The tool utilizes RegExp in a mighty art for processing keyword lists in several way: character, word and whole phrase manipulations, recombinations, editing, find, replace, deduplication, adding of characters or words conforming own formulated rules, test ad creation, stop word lists creating and processing, negative word lists, broad, exact and negative match types...etc etc. To be honest, i never see a tool with such word processing capabilities.

24. Not Provided Estimator: free online keyword research tool by Mike Arnesen, senior SEO analyst at SwellPath
The tool calculates how many site visitors the site gets for a specific set of keywords. For visitor's amount calculating are 3 numbers needed:
  • total not provided visits
  • total organic traffic (all inclusive)
  • the traffic amount for your keyword or segment that you'd like to adjust for not provided.
Then submit and enjoy.

25. Keyword Tool
Simple and lucid, this tool takes keyword suggestions from Google and YouTube, from all available country versions and in all available languages. No more, no less:)

26. Soovle
This i name an amazing tool! It shows in one and the same browser window the keyword suggestions from 7 to 15 search engines, which can be arranged by user! The list of search engines contains even more, namely 26 searchable projects! Isn't it funny? Default search is through the first 7 search engines from the list below:
  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Yahoo
  4. Bing
  5. YouTube
  7. Wikipedia
  11. TWC - the wetter channel
  22. Barnes&
The tool is fully free, have i mentioned it?

27. Wikipedia article traffic statistics
With this minimal tool 2 things are possible:
  • to look which traffic generates a given article (fill in the article title and get results)
  • to look at the top 1000 lists: which articles generate the most traffic.
The tool is available in all Wikipedia languages and possible time range begins at December 2007. With results output one is able to evaluate the language- and time-referred keywords popularity.

28. LSIKeywords
This tool analyzes... what would you guess...? YES! Correct! It analyzes LSI keywords!, with excluding words with less as user adjustable character amount as a search option. The tool generates then 3 search result columns with 1, 2 and 3 keyworded phrases and ranks them in descending order.

29. Keyword research tool by GoFindNiches
This tool performs a comparison of 2 keywords with following options:
  • Basic search
  • Exact intitle
  • Exact allintitle
  • Exact inurl
  • Exact allinurl
  • Exact inanchor
  • Exact allinanchor
  • allintitle
  • allinurl
  • allinanchor
  • Exact intitle + inurl
  • Exact intitle + inanchor
  • Exact intitle + inurl + inanchor
Firstly is created a list of compared keywords or keyword phrases. Then is performed the search for a selected keyword or phrase with search criteria like above.

30. Keyword revealerkeyword revealer: best free online keyword research toolIt is free, sophisticated and mighty tool. On the main screen it has following filters:
  • free text keyword search
  • average monthly searches
  • number of words
  • cost per click
  • estimated potential earning
The primary keyword screen displays following keyword metrics:
  • monthly searches
  • AdWords CPC
  • estimated profit
  • word count
  • domain availability
  • keyword difficulty
After clicking on "keyword difficulty" appears the second analyze screen with following metrics:
  • visible keyword difficulty chart
  • a graph of the interest over time from 2004 till present
and Google top ten ranking with following metrics:
  • Moz page authority
  • Moz domain authority
  • backlinks
  • Mozrank
  • pagerank
  • Google +1s
  • FB shares
  • FB likes
  • Tweets
  • URL
  • title
  • meta description
  • h1
This is one of my favorite tools too.

Mostly occult keyword research tools

Keyword research tools, created on universities with grants from the defense industry and undisclosedly used by intelligence service, NSA, CIA and by very few SEOs with governmental mandate.

The following tools perform mainly research in several text corpora and put out parametrized keyword concordances. Results of such keyword research are highly useful for your long tail keyword research.
31. WebCorp: The Web as Corpus by Birmingham City University
webcorp keyword research tool
WebCorp is keyword research tool, which performs keyword research in text corpora of the web. The web as text corpus is represented through Google, Bing, and search engines, Google and Faroo News, Google Blogs. Beside of these sources there is a possibility to add any website or even top level domain segment as the search source. The language and character amount before and after matched keyword in th search list are user-specified too. Additionally WebCorp offers research using some other text corpora - for keyword research are specially interesting the 2 of them:
  • Synchronic English Web Corpus (Information | Keyword Research): it consists of 467,713,650 words (tokens) from web-extracted texts. It covers the period 2000-2010 and contains 339,907,995 words from 100,000 randomly selected web-pages to form sample of the distribution of texts throughout the web and 127,805,655 words from 56,000 pages selected based on the Open Directory classification of web pages.
  • Birmingham Blog Corpus (Information | Keyword Research): it consists of 628,558,282 words extracted from blog texts. The corpus is split into sections according to how the texts were discovered and downloaded:
    • Technorati - 427,768,219 words, crawled the top blogs ranked by Technorati
    • Google Blog Search - 19,384,429 words, downloaded new posts daily as identified by Google Blog Search
    • Blogspot and Wordpress - 181,405,634 words, crawled blogs hosted on and Extracted date information and separated posts from comments:
      • posts - 94,977,062 words
      • comments - 86,428,572 words
This tool helps on keyword research to clarify common keyword usage through selected media landscape.

32. Just The Word keyword research tool based on British National Corpus
just the word: keyword research tool based on british national corpus
This simple tool performs a research of keyword co-occurrences based on the real life language from British National Corpus.
  • First search results screen displays a list of researched keywords with occurrence frequency numbers. The whole keywords list is split in clusters based on the keyword phrase building pattern.
  • Second research results screen appears after clicking on any keyword phrase and displays a list of occurrences with context on the right and left from keyword phrase.
A bit deeper documentation is available too.

33. ozdic - the English Collocations Dictionary onlinekeyword research with the ozdic, the English Collocations Dictionary online brings best resultsCollocations are common word combinations and the essential building blocks of natural-sounding language. The tool puts out the main searched keyword in combination with nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions as well as common phrases. Collocation of keywords are grouped according to part of speech and meaning and helps the keyword researcher to locate the main keyword and the sense of the keyword phrase.

34. multi-corpora keyword research by by Mark Davies, Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University
Screen contains 3 frames:
left - options,
on the top and bottom: output results
of different accomplished keyword searches
The tool is an keyword research interface for search in some English language corpora. The most interesting for keyword research purposes are:
With these tools you can
  • research or compare any keywords
  • limit the research to any given sub-corpus
  • build on the research basis collocation lists
  • create visual charts of keyword using frequency parametrized with sub-corpora and time ranges.
Keyword research results of:
top image part - two words keyword phrase,
bottom image part - one keyword
This tool is related to the even bespoken tools. You can use all possible corpora sources and can limit the sources to only academical: the research results will be definitely different. You put in the text area keyword a keyword or a keyword phrase for later research. If you research a single keyword, you get as one of research results a list of synonyms and the statistical chart with occurrence frequency and sources, if you research a keyword phrase, you get only a statistical chart. Already while keyword input you can select the source genre. After the keywords are located, go to the top frame and click the keyword or all words of the keyword phrase. Here is possible to change any keyword to wildcard, exact match, all forms, synonyms, any word, part of speech or just remove it. After this is done, click on the right of the top frame onto "search" and get in the bottom frame the concordance and in the left frame the chart.
36. Intellitext Corpus Queries by University of Leads
intellitext keyword research tool created by leads university
This tool perform several keyword analyzes. Before start there are to select firstly language and then some corpora as basis for analyzing, like Wikipedia,UK based web pages and the like. Multiple choice are possible. After choosing of language and corpora thee tool establish such analyze arts as
  • concordance - there you get as analyze result a concordance list of co-occurrences of analyzed keyword with context before and after it and the possibility to expand the context. To start concordance analyze the user must before include keywords through manipulation of "Search Builder".
  • collocation - as result of collocation analyze you get a collocation list with all possible keyword usage, keyword context before and after keyword phrases and data columns.
  • affixes - this kind of keyword analyze creates a list of keywords, which are created based on the given keyword with added all possible affixes.
  • compare frequencies - this analyze can be performed on basis of all or selected corpora and creates a comparing list of given keywords with the frequency data from all corpora and a graphic chart displaying compared frequencies.
37. Intellitext documentation must be studied to be able to perform effective keyword research with this tool. Intellitext keyword tool is able to research keywords in 12 languages. These are: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian. The next introduced keyword research tools are outstanding with the similar richness of possibilities, to perform keyword research in many languages.

38. Internet corpora querying tool
It created by the same university of Leads analyzes keywords and creates long tail keyword lists in English, Chinese, Finnish,  Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish from long open source corpora.

39. NoSketch Engine
Another one multilingual concordance creating keyword tool, which works in German, French, Slovenian, Croatian, Italian and Japanese languages.

40. AntConc by Laurence Anthony of Center for English Language Education in Science and Engineering at Waseda University, Tokio
I describe some of tools AntConc contains, which could be relevant for keyword research:
  • Concordance tool: You see search results as "KWIC" (KeyWord In Context) -  also common use of words and phrases in a text corpus.
  • Collocates: Collocation of a search term allows to deeper research the possible keyword phrases.
  • Word list: List of all word usage frequency
  • Keyword list: It shows word which are frequent or unfrequent used, compared with other referenced words. With this tool is it possible to identify special keywords.
Thats all! You have a really enviable patience if you read it till here:) With these tool i will be a real keyword researching ninja! Enjoy the summer and best regards from Berlin!