Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Solution for "stop spamming us. you're wasting your time" at Hacker News / Ycombinator

solution for "stop spamming us. You are wasting your time"
If you get this message on trying to post something at Hacker News / Ycombinator (not dependently of submitting method: bookmark or site form), it means, the site you try to post is flagged by any HN admin as spam. By mistake or not is another question - i know the case, when YouTube was flagged as spam there. Anyway our intention is not to dispute with HN admins whether our list is spam or not, but rather just to post a link, what we want to post. Deleting cookies doesn't help. But the working solution is simple:
Make use of an URL shortening service and submit shortened URL. Any shortening service goes - e.g. the shortener with the shortest URLs,, etc... This solution works in 100% of cases (i tried some), at least cause there is a real bunch of such services - they can't be all flagged. If one URL shortening service you preferred will no longer work - just try another service.

The only complication of this method is, that you will be no longer able to post news by using of sharing services like add2any, shareThis etc with the common simplissity - after clicking on the sharing button you will be forced firstly to shorten the URL you want to share, then paste onto the opened sharing form. But this isn't a big issue.

Enjoy posting to Ycombinator / Hacker News and, please, don't spam! Not Ycombinator, not anybody other!