Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

How Penguin evaluates the link quality

Google's Penguin update is about links, namely about good and bad backlinks to your site. It will evaluate anchors of your backlinks and the quality of backlinking sites. Further it will look deeper into relations between your site and sites linking to you.

Further are some factors listed, which will help you to rethink your linking strategy and, maybe, enlighten you in purifying your link profile, so the Penguin gets no appetite for eating your site;)

Following characteristics do influence on how Penguin evaluates link profile quality of your site:
  • Anchor length: The more anchors with the different length, the better. The more anchors longer as 4 words, the lesser the probability to become punished by Penguin filter.
  • Amount of same anchors containing keywords: This is the most assuring signal for Google to let your site be eaten by Penguin;) The larger the amount of the same keyword-rich anchors, the earlier comes the Penguin;)
  • Presence of image links: The more image links the better.
  • Presence of link redirects: There is a (not proven) observation, that the more redirected links are in the site profile, the lesser is such site interesting for Penguin.
  • Distribution of the link mass on the site: The more deep links has a site and the more (sub)-pages have links, the better. There is a (not proven) observation, that the Penguin is interesting more for sites, which have links to the main page and only few (2-3) landing pages.
  • Process dynamic of the links amount grow: Link amount grow irregularities like abrupt rise of the link amount grow or the absence of the grow could trigger a Penguin, cause they could be interpreted as part of link buying process.
Following factors have no influence on the link profile quality estimation:
  • Subject of the linking sites.
  • The whole link amount: Only the (sizable) proportion of bad links to the good can trigger the Penguin.
  • Place, where unnatural links are located: For Penguin isn't relevant, are bad links in your footer or inside of the article text.