Montag, 31. März 2014

How to practice guest blogging successfully without penalty fear

Guest blogging tip
There are hard times for guest bloggers and guest blogging platforms. Google's top spam officer  means, guest blogging is done. Even was penalized one of the most successful guest blogging brokers. There is a big chaos and panic in the webmarketing environment. "Guest blogging is dead" is one of the most searchable phrases. But in my opinion there is a kind of doing guest blogging, which allows the successful valuable guest blog practice. Lets look on what exactly hates Google on guest blogging, what exactly drives a guest blogger into penalty and how the common sense and semantic markup help us to spread our guest blog articles and get valuable backlinks for it without penalty fear.

What concretely hates Google on guest blogging?

Everybody who is interesting about guest blogging has read the article by M. Cutts about rise and fall of guest blogging. Mindful reading of it let us drive a conclusion about the most certain penalty causes. They are imo:
  • guest article doesn't fit the whole / the main blog's topic,
  • keyword stuffed anchors,
  • using of common spam tactics inside guest article,
  • Google esteems the blog, where a guest article is published, as an article farm, without a clear main subject orientation.
In short: Google hates dumb linking art and guest blogging done only for links. After clarifying the decays causes, it will be not hard to frame an answers, how the blog must be, where it worth to publish our guest article, and how our guest article must be to be valuable for readers, and not doubtful for Google, as backlink's container, too.

How to let guest blog article be and appear serious

How to choose the blog for guest posting

How we choose a blog, where to publish our guest post? Well, beside of an agreement with the blog owner, the blog must meet four criteria:
  • blogs content must be coherent with our planned article's topic,
  • blogs content must not contain ANY spam-suspicious techniques,
  • the blog as a site mus generate traffic (no traffic equals spam suspicion!)
  • the blog owner must consent to publish the whole HTML code of your article - it will contain some semantic HTML5 markup.

How to write guest blog article

Whether the blog meets them, you can decide only through thoughtful reading of some articles. After you decide, the blog is OK, write your article. Write it so like you would do it in your own blog, i mean the quality. It is needless to say: don't try to game! No keyword stuffed link anchors, no keyword stuffed text, no invisible links - nothing of the sort. After the content creation is completed, there remains one task to accomplish to make the article trusty and bot-readable. We add to the article's text some to reach following goals:
  • to let your guest blog article become an entity,
  • to introduce you (this article's author and this blog's contributor) as the entity,
  • chain both entities to let Google include this blog and this article into your own content universe and tie them with your other publications.
The semantic markup could look like this below, but you are surely free and even must adapt it to your needs:
<!-- Put this code part befor your article's text starts: from this first line... -->
<div itemscope itemtype="">

<span itemprop="author contributor copyrightHolder" itemscope itemtype="">
<span itemprop="name">Your name</span>
<link itemprop="URL" href="link-to-your-website" rel="me"/>
<link itemprop="sameAs" href=""/>
<span itemprop="description">Description / some words about you as article's author</span>

<!-- this line -->

</div><!-- Put this closing </div> after your article ends up -->
What we achieve? This code part provides some semanticized informations about the guest article's author and puts backlinks to him. But, backlinking on this art doesn't contain any keywords (belonging to the article's context) in the link's anchor and provides information to Google on the preferred, because verifiable and machine-readable, art.

With elaboratively selecting of quality blogs, where you put your guest blog articles and making use of the introduced art of guest article's semantic markup you get valuable backlinks and avoid any doubt about eventual spammy character of your articles. Don't be afraid of dofollow backlinks - only the article quality matters! The main thing to let Google mean the source and the text are both trustworthy.
Write interesting articles, use semantic markup and enjoy!