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30 cheat sheats for successful SEO

cheat sheets for successful seo

What a SEO needs to know?

The web is flooded with infografics and cheat sheets. Somebody meant once, such giveaways are good for SEO as linkbuilding assets and now everybody makes some. At least as copy and share. I will not speculate about whether or how many of them bring real value, imo most of them are redundant, but my personal biggest problem with them was - THE cheat sheet was NEVER present, if it was really needed (at least for me). Indeed, the sense and the convenience of cheat sheets is if they are there just in time, at the moment, whem one needs them. So i decided to create a collection of all cheat sheets i ever used on my SEO activities and share it. This cheat sheets suite is an evergreen knowledge, hints and tricks, which will be always helpful. Surely this knowledge isn't enough to call oneself an expert, but for somebody who does SEO, specially technical SEO and Onpage SEO, these cheat sheets will render a great service. And for somebody who learns SEO at the moment, they will give a great summary of things which must be learned. These cheat sheets cover already all essential knowledge segments a SEO brings daily into action. Befor publishing i reviewed all cheat sheets to find eventuallya fresher version - for some of them i finded one indeed.

SEO coding

SEO begins with strong ability to read, understand and write website code. I begin with it: HTML and CSS:
  • Sure, firtsly come the structure: here is a (X)HTML document structure cheat sheet, then
  • a short HTML cheat sheet with markup overview and some othe ruseful info, and
  • a real detailed HTML5 cheat sheet, where you find the current state of HTML5 markup language.
  • As addition here you find a HTML character entities cheat sheet. A SEO can use it e.g. to encrease a snippet visibility on the SERP through completion of snippet with funny UTF-8 characters, which must be encoded as HTML entities. Who doesn't like write snippets manually, i can recommend this Google snippet creator - it creates snippets for you and populates them with symbols like this @, wich are written in HTML like @

Here comes CSS...

  • First comes the CSS2 cheat sheet: all needful things to style. Here i just add: avoid style declarations directly in HTML - out styles into CSS file. And don't forget to minimize CSS file after you complete coding.
  • Then comes really extended CSS3 cheat sheet, where are the most news listed, which come with the update from CSS2 to CSS3.
Actually i would the finalize the CSS topic, but there are yet two useful additions:
To complite thischapter i recommend you a really particularizing HTML+CSS cheat sheet, which lets already no question unanswered.

and then JavaScript

The current web, specially interactive sites, contain a real bunch of JavaScript. Beside of this, JS is widely used by Google Analytics and other tracking software, so that a SEO won't go very far without at least basic JavaScript knowledge. So there is an introducing Javascript cheat sheet, to give some orientation where to move. Another long js cheat sheet i recommend and heavily use myself, collects a profound knowledge and examples, what makes using of it very pleasant.

SEO goes database

What has SEO with MySQL to do? I mean, something. E.g. i had to SEO a CMS site, based on MySQL. And there all items, even all parts of items were stored in the database. On of my tasks was to optimize a homepage and the page with the search results of the site's own search engine. What kind of items must come onto homepage, if you build it SEO-minded? Beside of introducing text, the homepage must show the tems with best conversion. And the search results page? Already the same: befor any search was done - items with most conversion, and as long as the search engine completes
search - items with most conversion, but according to the current search keywords. To accomplishe such SEO tasks, there must be some MySQL queries be done and outputted. This case isn't the single one, why a SEO needs some MySQL skills, especially in its query language.
  • For SEOs, who targets a broad all-round education and begin to look around, there is a basic to intermediate MySQL cheat sheet.
  • If you want to dive deeper into MySQL, i have a really voluminous one for you, you will enjoy it!

Server-side SEO knowledge

What a SEO looks on server? Firstly, there are answers. Answers about how sites and single pages are feeling, are they fit or absent or the whole server is down. Here are the server answers, if one asking for a page: HTTP status codes cheat sheet.
There are on server other notless importent tasks to do: i name the three, which i hold for the most important:
  • Making of URLs search-engine friendly and human readable,
  • Redirecting of pages,
  • Load time optimizing (including caching).
All these tasks are done with help of one single file (.htaccess) and one PHP modul (mod_rewrite). To adjust your htaccess file i recommend you
To make URLs and redirect manipulations successful, i fully recommend this regular expressions cheat sheet - regular expressions are indispensable, auch for many other SEO tasks, about i write further.

Analize it!

Lets assume, the site is up and running. What is next best SEO task? Right, to optimize;) But, what? What can't be measured, can't be optimized. Uh-huh, lets measure.
Google Analytics is mighty. It makes many deep and sofisticated SEO insights possible. But to practice a real data-driven SEO one must correctly implement GA, formulate the measurement intentions and goals, plug all needed measuring entities like URLs, download etc. and then, after collecting of data, correctly interpret the results, if required, using custom filtering. I'm even on the way to Google Analytics IQ test, so i recommend you a real bunch of good Google Analytics cheat sheets:)

Regular expressions for Google Analytics

Very important and not-so-easy subject is regular expressions for Google Analytics. Many functions and possibilities can be accomplished only through using of regular expressions, e.g. a workaround to get some decripted data from "not-provided" keywords issue.

Excel for SEO

Yes it's true - Excel could be useful for SEO purposes. I personally don't use Excel - i use instead LibreOffice Calc. With this Excel for SEO documentation from distilled.net you will quickly up and running. An here is a free SEO gadget for Excel, which provides extended data fetching from many sources simultanously. But to use Excel as a power user take this power Excel cheat sheet;)

SEO cheat sheets

After all knowledge areas corresponding to SEO, now comes SEO itself:
A SEO must be real master of search. This Google advanced search cheat sheet holds all advanced search operators ready just-in-time.
OnPage SEO cheat sheet gives a detailed overview about things a SEO must not forget. Never. Never-never!
The SEO cheat sheet by MOZ is well known and contains pretty much SEO stuff, which is state-of-the-art.
Link building cheat sheet is a list of questions, which a linkbuilding SEO must never leave out.

Use these cheat sheets, enjoy and never stop learning!

PS: kudos to all of experts, who created cheat sheets i listed here. They are:
  • Jan Zumwalt @ http://www.net-wrench.com
  • Johnny Long @ http://ihackstuff.com
  • Matt Gratt @ http://www.portent.com
  • Robbin Steif @ http://www.lunametrics.com
  • Dave Child @ http://cheatography.com
  • blueskyDigi @ http://cheatography.com
  • Colin McDermott @ http://cheatography.com
  • Jay Taylor @ http://cheatography.com
  • Nikalytics @ http://cheatography.com
  • kstep @ http://cheatography.com
  • http://www.veign.com
  • http://www.conversationmarketing.com
  • http://addedbytes.com
  • http://deepx.com
  • http://moz.com