Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

HASCH: introducing the OnPage SEO framework

Some C++ programmers dream of or even try to create an own operating system. The creation is scheduled to be the best of the existing OSs and demonstrate the state of the art. Some PHP programmers dream of or even try to create an own content management system, targeting the same. Why want they do it? I guess, such creations would include all the best practice examples into it, then they would get rid of all existing bugs and misbehaviors, then they would systematize and list all current knowledge in the creation.

OnPage SEO is a sophisticated knowledge area, with very much of unsystematized and unvalidated knowledge from many various knowledge segments, like web design, web development, server administration, linguistic, marketing, psychology. With the HASCH OnPage SEO framework i target to systematize the OnPage SEO knowledge and to get rid of unvalidated parts of it.

Then lets get down to the nitty-gritty:

HASCH: the OnPage SEO framework

H... is for Header
A... is for Architecture
S... is for Semantic
C... is for Content
H... is for .htaccess

I'm sure, this framework will be a good help, cheat sheet and rulebook for all, who performs SEO audits or creates SEO-minded sites. The nature of SEO is, that this SEO framework will be never ended up, so it will be always in the public beta and ongoing updated. I'm highly happy about any additional advice you would share with me!