Freitag, 1. März 2013

How to ask right questions? - most offen used interrogative words in english

Well, the most asked question in english (also known as interrogative word) is "how". The asking champion is USA. The next mostly asked question is "what", and the next three i analyzed are "when", "where" and "who". Here you can see the whole graph and after we'll talk about, how are the question words to do with SEO and what one might do better on asking questions;)

How to ask questions SEO-conform, create appealing titles and headlines?

how people ask - most offen used question words
Don't forget: use appealing headlines!
It is important to know about the frequency of using of question words, cause with this knowledge one can make a most optimal decision about how to write an appealing topic and how to give an attractive headline. The word "how" isn't causeless asked most offen - the answer on it has a real practical value for readers. Think about what users want to get to know and phrase you thoughts correspondingly. The person who asks "how" wants also get the most valuable answer - you know, what i mean, it's the SEO job to give the user, what he wants;)