Montag, 27. August 2018

Testing structured data of the current URL with one click

test structured data with one click
Any SEO know about benefits of structured data. Google offers a special structured data testing tool to test the existence and quality of the structured data on the certain URL.

But what, if you want to test some URLs? Copy URL, switch the tab, go to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, paste URL, press Enter. And again, and again...? Annoying!

I've coded a solution for this kind of routine task.

My Chrome extension tests structured data on the current page with one click!

With my Chrome extension Structured Data Test of current URL you just need to click once on the extension button - and test results from Google Structured Data Testing Tool are opening in the new tab. The test is ready!

Use my Chrome extension for quick and easy structured data tests - it is free and available in the Chrome Web Store under

Don't hesitate to drop me a line and rate my extension!

Happy testing!

Update 13.09.2018: i've ported this extension as Firefox Add-On. Happy testing on Firefox: Structured Data Test of Current URL for Firefox!