Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Freebase shuts down! Your free Google-proof way into Knowledge Graph closes at 31.03.2015

Freebase closes
Everybody, who tried it, knows, whether it is possible and easy to publish an article about a business in the Wikipedia, specially if the business is far away from being in Fortune500, or Fortune 5k, or even Fortune 500k;) But small, local businesses, like individual entrepreneurs too, have an absolutely legit wish and need to get own websites into the Knowledge Graph...

The only free, public way to create a Google-proof web entity is (not much longer) a Freebase entry. Well, smart people create at least 2 entries simultaneously: first for the person, and second for the business entity, with the person entity as an author for the business entity. I wrote an article about an entity creation with a Freebase entry, which was highly spread and liked. But today is a day for the bad news:

Freebase will close in the nearest time!

And, from 31.03.2015 on Freebase will be available only in read-only status: no more new entries, no more edits. Freebase database will be then integrated into the Wikidata. I relate with it to the yesterday post from Freebase Google Plus account, where the closing and integration road map is detailedly described. In the mid 2015 Freebase will be shut down as the standalone project. But what means putting Freebase out of service for all of us, who wants appear in the Knowledge Graph, but haven't enough mana to appear in the Wikipedia?

It means... RUN!

Run to and create entities! For you, your business, your employees, for their families, for your family, for your pets, friends, neighbors and enemies.


Because the Freebase entry ID is the one and only kind of making yourself machine readable! It is not a kind of a web ID like OpenID or any other art of a digital signature But it is a digital hub, where you can tightly pack all of your personal and business information in the machine readable, ontologically correct form.

If i begin to talk about SEO benefits of a Freebase entry, i will never end up this article. From all existing SEO benefits i mention only one, which i mean is really unique: at the moment is the consequential usage of the Freebase entity the same free pass into the Knowledge Graph, like the Wikipedia entity is.

There is only one place in the whole internet, where you can maintain your Knowledge Graph entry for free: your Freebase account.

And the Freebase shuts down. At 31.03.2015.

And if you'll be late and then try to create an entry at Wikidata, you will have it much harder, as you have it with Freebase. Thats like amen in the church. If you want to know, read about how it will be with Wikidata entity creation.