Samstag, 30. August 2014

Authorship is dead? No! It must be just implemented correctly!

how to provide authorship
Last news are all about authorship is dead. Don't misunderstand this statement! After thoughtful reading of this and that article it is clear, that really dead are only some actions, which Google performs with very special authorship markup, namely
  1. data gathering and
  2. partly showing of author's image and name as byline in search results,
based on rel=author. "Partly" cause author images and names are still shown, if you are logged in into your G+ account and the author is in your G+-circles.

I will not analyze the causes of dropping the processing of rel=author - such analyze is well done in articles linked above. I want rather reassure the community, that the authorship still alive and will be so. The only question is how to correctly implement authorship. Let's look a bit into detail:
What is basically rel=author? This is a kind of link relation, established through W3C. Google attached too much importance to it and now the misuse of this attribute is cleared up.
Do search engines no longer need authorship informations and relations between authors and their articles?
— Absolutely wrong!

Are there any markup possibility to establish authorship relations and provide them machine-readable to search engines?
— Absolutely yes! With!'s semantic markup provides clear possibilities to provide machine-readable markup for author, creator, editor and publisher as properties, which on their part are extensible as Person and Organization types.
To establish a concrete authorship relation between you and your article extend any property you use (author, publisher etc) with the type Person and use as URL property of it your Google Plus account link.
What do you want more?'s markup isn't misused HTML tag - it is ongoing maintained and improved system, semantic base and the lowest common denominator of the whole web, agreed by all main search engines.

Don't cry for rel=author, use and search engines will understand all of your authorship and publisher relations much better.