Montag, 21. Juli 2014

How to create bulleted lists in Google Plus posts

create bullets in Google Plus posts
Google Plus has only 3 documented formats: *bold*, _cursive_ and -strikethrough-. But it's a proven fact, that the one of the best arts to deliver information and to gain its visibility is to structure information into lists.

Good, with ordered lists it is no problem: you number each list line with bolded ascending numbers, *1. * etc. What is with unordered, bulleted lists? How to make bullets in Google Plus posts? For this purpose we utilize the computer's own capacity, namely the possibility to type and print unicode characters. This possibility is limited, but it is fully enough for creating bulleted lists in Google Plus posts. Other valuable usage of unicode characters is surely design of page titles, page descriptions, which are used in SERP as snippets, and ads texts. Designing of such text assets with unicode special characters gains their CTR enormously. About it at the end of article. Now lets create bulleted lists in Google Plus posts:

Bulleted lists in Google Plus posts

We use unicode characters as list bullets in Google Plus posts - just type them before list entries. Unicode characters are typed on following way:
  1. press the "ALT"-button and HOLD IT WHILE TYPING,
  2. type ON NOTEPAD codes, containing 1 to 5 digits, while holding the "ALT"-button,
  3. release the "ALT"-button.
The unicode character appears ONLY AFTER you release the "ALT"-button. I putted together characters, which you can freely use as bullets for designing your unordered lists in Google Plus posts:
   ALT 4 (press and hold the "ALT", type on notepad 4 while holding "ALT", then release the "ALT") and so on
   ALT 7
   ALT 8
   ALT 9
   ALT 15
   ALT 16
   ALT 22
   ALT 26
>   ALT 62
   ALT 151
»   ALT 175
·   ALT 183
   ALT 254
   ALT 0155
Ø   ALT 0216
This is the real size and weight of the characters. You can only manipulate their appearance, if you are able to manipulate the style parameter of inline or block element (p, span, div etc.), where the character is placed. Don't ** these bullets in Google Plus posts☺

Utilize the whole design power of unicode characters

Design your titles, descriptions and ads for gaining CTR

Now let us apply the whole power of unicode characters to drive maximum attention to Google Plus posts, page titles, page descriptions in the SERP snippets and AdWords / Bing ads. As unicode library i recommend to use due to clear structure, intuitive navigation and a big amount of complemental informations. If you look just into this category, you will see a bunch of signs available for text design. An there are 252 such categories! They could easily replace some extended icon sets. A little problem on this: depending of many factors like your computer, the language you use on it, it could happen, that your computer isn't able to type the complete opulence of signs.
how to make bulleted lists in Google Plus posts
Type the digits of character code in,
the "Send"-buttons inserts the unicode character
into the text field or area
in the active window.
The help comes from the developer of in form of a tiny little program. Just after unzipping and running it you get a little window, type the character's digital code in, and after pressing "Send"-button it fills your character into the text field or area of the active window.

For a live example look at the header and footer of this site - do you see ?
It's unicode, baby Use it extensively and enjoy the summer!