Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

How to bulk check pagerank of all internal pages

Although Google means, we shall in general never mind about pagerank (PR). But the substantial part of any OnPage SEO audit is to clarify, whether a site structure is built properly and spreads correctly the link juice. The sign of correct site structure is: important pages inherit PR, not important pages don't. That is the purpose of project-wide PR measuring. Surely, nobody expects to perform such measurements manually cause of eventual links amount - a tool for such mechanical turk's task is a must! I thought... Damn, the search for this tool is on of cases, when i've got demonstrated again, the internet is full of crap and how i hate some SEOs!

Fiddling the crap

It isn't so, that i can't ask correctly. All queries, like "check pagerank of internal pages", "internal pagerank checker", "bulk pagerank checker", "internal pr checker" or "check pagerank of all pages" put out just tons of crap. It isn't crap like spam, but all results are just not, what i asked about and what i'm looking for - they are just optimized for these keywords but not deliver the expected service! All this crap is classified into mostly 2 parts:
  • the most shameless unscrupulous check PR of a single URL,
  • a bit less shameless check PR of some URLs at once, which you must manually fill in. Just a little textarea.
Two thirds of sites, cited in several forums, are dead. That's all.

Oh, nearly forgotten! There are some offline, even not cheap commercial tools, which promise to check PR of internal pages, but i mean, a tool of such simplicity doesn't need such effort like download, installation, deinstallation, registry cleanup...only to make sure, that it does again something other as i 'm searching for. One of such offline tools, PaRaMeter, would have a chance, but it isn't compatible with Win7 - it has some positive reviews, like it would do, what i expect, but the last version is from 2011, and i don't guess, it would be reanimated anymore. But i've read a review about this tool working on Win7 - also try it. Another offline tool promising to check PR of all internal pages requires for proper functioning Internet Explorer...You don't want to know more about this tool, right?

The task is easy, why are the tools rare?

I used always when needed my favorite, commercial tool, which done for me a bunch of things beside of bulk PR checking, but as already everything in the world, this tool comes to an end, "for technical reasons", as means hopeless necrology on the project's site. I thought it is quite usual tool to check all PR of all internal pages in a project, with the self-evident possibility to copy and export results. One evening died for my search of replacement tool - i could never even imagine, the search for it will prove to be such a headache. BTW, such tool must perform only few simple tasks:
  • Grab sitemap.xml, which exists for each website in the site's root folder
  • Run for each sitemap entry following query:
Try this query and complete the query at the end with your own URL - you will be amuzed about the result
  • List all queried URLs with related query results.
That's all, what the tool must do.

Check pagerank of all pages

Tools and methods i finally got - they are only three: easy, funny and geeky.

1. The most easy art of checking PR of all pages. This one i got as first. It does nearly all i want:
  • It checks PR of all internal pages of given website URL
  • Sadly it gives 100 results, what could be enough for clarifying of link juice flow in some projects
  • Results can be copied and exported as CVS and PDF.
2. But the most funny art of performing project-wide PR measuring is, surely, the one with SEOquake. This extension is available for all browsers and is real swiss-knife regarding SEO statistic. For PR checking of all project pages i use the possibility of SEOquake to manipulate the SERP of Google. SEOquake enhances the SERP with own aggregated informations. So we set SEOquake on and run in Google a query to list all indexed pages of our project. As result we get a SERP with all project's pages listed, enhanced with displayed PR and additional possibility (one of many) to sort pages by PR.

3. The most geeky art of checking PR of all internal pages is the Hobo-Web method. (originally from visiblecompany, but Hobo-Web explains the method better) The workaround in short:
  • Take links from the projects sitemap and
  • populate them into a newly created Google Docs spreadsheet;
  • Create in Google Docs tools a magic script, (i host the script at my hosting for the case it will be unavailable where it is located originally) name, save and publish the script project to your Google Docs script gallery;
  • Close the script code and run the project through typing into the spreadsheet coordinates of the cell with beginning of links list,
Get results and fun.

Now you got 3 real methods for any choice to check pagerank of all pages so you can actively enjoy the summer:)