Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

How to get disapproved Facebook ad approved - Violating Facebook's Ad Guidelines by advertising "work from home" etc.

How to get disapproved facebook ad approved
Your ad wasn't approved because it violates Facebook's Ad Guidelines by advertising "work from home", MLM, get rich quick and other inaccurate money-making opportunities...
Got the same meaningful message from Facebook? Me too:) There are some workarounds, what we can do with or against it. But here we must make a decision, what we want to achive and what we are ready to do for it: we want get our ad approved without any changes, with some little, not substantial changes, or we are ready completely to rework our ad. Let us look, how to get disapproved Facebook ad finally approved, if our ad was disapproved with the cited cause.

Facebook ad's approving procedure

What happens with a Facebook ad, after we apply it? It is reviewed by Facebook staff member, manually and with own eyes. The eyes of staff are trained, quickly find things, which violate the guidelines. With "things" i mean keywords:) Keywords, wordings, phrasings, formulations, which are present both in the ad image and in the ad title/description. If the staff eye guess to find something suspicious, the ad will be disapproved. What we can do? Well, we could try to find a thin line between the keywords we need to target our ad and keywords, which are the disapproving cause, and then don't use them. This is tricky: firstly we don't know exactly, which keywords conduce to disapproving, secondly, we risk to exclude keywords, which drive converting traffic to our ads. Beside of this, it is very time-consuming after each disapproving to rework our ad image and implement another wording into it.

How i got such disapproved Facebook ad finally approved

  1. Apply only one ad at a time: so you loose few time with ad reworking, if it will be disapproved.
  2. If you got your ad disapproved, don't try to rework and apply your ad again inside the same ad set and campaign! Your chance to get disapproved ad approved rises enormously, if you, instead of re-applying of your disapproved ad in the same ad set/campaign, create the new campaign/ad set from scratch and apply your reworked ad like it would be new.
  3. Try not to use following keywords and dany derivations of them, both in the ad title/description and in the ad image:
work-at-home scheme, work at home parent, self-employment, homeworking, working at home, working from home, work from home, work at home, work at home moms, work at home woman, work home, online typing jobs, homebased jobs, work from home business opps, work from home opportunities, home work or i love homework, online jobs, writing jobs at home, income, earn money online, earn money at home, lets earn, bestest way earn money, how earn from blogging, click n earn, earn extra cash, click earn money, earn extra income, easy way earn money, free earn money, free online earning, earn money, how earn money, earn from home, how earn money online, earn income from home, earn online, earn money from internet, earn money from online, earn money via internet, earn online money, online earning tips, earn 100 daily online, earn it yourself, earning money, earning, online earnings, earnings, paid survey, get profit
Following these three rules you will get your ads approved without (big) complications.

BTW the first thing i done, was to get in touch with Facebook staff - my ad wasn't about work from home or MLM or the like, and the ad title, description and image were containing the fully transparent and understandable user benefit... I got an answer in 3 days after i posted my disapproving issue, and an answer was not to my question, but regarding fully other issue. I don't want make a statement about the quality of Facebook customer service in general - in my case it was a crap. Some people mean, it isn't fully senseless to contact Facebook staff. Try it yourself but don't expect too much.

Some other mean, you can get disapproved ad approved, if you re-apply your ad to another day time - from my experience this doesn't work.

PS: I decided to dive for a time a bit deeper into affiliate marketing, so i will publish some thoughts, experience and how-to's about getting things done (or leaving them in the nick of time).