Freitag, 25. April 2014

2 things i hate on Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor

facebook ad manager
  1. You can't, under no circumstances, change the ad target url! You create an ad with website conversions objective. You create a bunch of them, the whole ad set with many different targeting options. Then you want just copy this ad set and point it to another target url. And you can't! You must click on EACH ad, then create a similar ad - only so you will be able to change ad target url.
  2. If you want hide your affiliate urls, this works ONLY if you create your ads each one new from scratch! If you create an ad with shorten url as target, then create similar ad and input as target url your next shorten url - you mean it would work? NO, damn! Facebook is smart enough to show in the ad body the original url. And it is funny enough to show the SHORTEN url, if you run with the mouse over the opriginal url. Is it not stupid?