Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

How to surf with US IP address (or IP of any specific country)

It is the common problem: preview of an affiliate offer, which isn't valid in your country. You will be redirected from the offer you want to another offer, which is valid for your country. But you must see it - cause you want decide whether to promote it or not.

The answer is clear: you must look the offer like somebody from a country where this offer is valid. The solution which firstly comes into mind and which i never got to work is to use free proxy. I have never finded any working free proxy. Never. Don't know why. But there are 2 really working tools, which are free and easy to setup and use. They work out of the box:

1. Tor. Somebody would mean it is actually overkill to use Tor just for this purpose, but Tor is good, simple, free and secure - then why not to use?

How to surf with US IP address

Using Tor for surfing from a specific country
    How to surf using IP of the specific country
 (or with IP of any other specified country) - TOR setup
  • After you download the Tor browser bundle, install it and use its grafic GUI for Windows, which is called Vidalia.
  • Start Vidalia (Start Tor Browser.exe) and, after the client is started, click "Show network". You get new window with the Tor network map. There are all Tor servers, which work like exit points - your goal is to surf only through exit points of a given country, for which is the offer valid, e. g. USA.
  • Sort the whole list with click on the middle column (where the flags are),
  • Mark all servers from a given country with click and shift, click on marked servers with the right mouse button and copy fingerprints.
  • Create a txt-file, insert your copied fingerprints into it and save.
  • Run Tor down,
  • Go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Tor Browser\Data\Tor and open the file torrc with your text editor. Befor you make any change on it, make a security copy. Add to the torrc, to the bottom this code:
StrictExitNodes 1
  • After ExitNodes add one space and then add all server fingerprints you saved into another file befor. On this way you achieve, that your Tor will use as exitpoints only servers from USA.
  • Save torrc and restart Tor - now you are native american.
The same you do for any country you want to surf from.

How to surf with US IP address

VPN setup

2. Using the second tool you will need less fiddle - the documentation is one of the best i 've seen.

It was so easy for me, so i will not describe it here twice:) After you installed the client, start the client, take login, password and certificate bundles from this page. Then login into client,  unzip certicate bundle archive and add it to the new created profile in the client - it will connect and you are done, check your IP, it is from the country, which certificate bundle you added to the client's profile.

There are many purposes, when it is useful to surf with an IP-address of a specific country. It is useful e. g. for search engine optimization and advertising, if you want see SERP with ads like a user from a specific country. The tools i introduced, are free, robust and you don't need to be a cool hacker to set them up and running. Surf easy from any specific country, and, surely, enjoy the summer:)