Montag, 17. März 2014

Optimizing of Blogger load time

Insert scripts properly into Blogger template's head

There are many how-to's for implementing of third-part scripts into Blogger templates, mostly custom css and javascripts. I personally use Syntaxhighlighter and Google Analytics. But the most how-to's advice users to insert scripts into the template's head. This approach is against all best practices for optimizing of site's load times. If scripts are inserted into the head, the whole site's content will not load and wait till all scripts are fully loaded. This influences negatively the whole site's load time, which, as you know is an important ranking signal. The there is a strong dependency: more scripts in the head - longer load time - poorer ranking.

My advice for you (i tested it myself without any issue): insert scripts into the body's bottom, just befor closing tag. If something doesn't work, you could still move scripts one by one into the head.