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Posts mit dem Label OnPage SEO werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Montag, 2. Juni 2014

How to add iframe to Facebook

Adding of an iframe to a Facebook page seems to be a lack of the Facebook documentation. At least i haven't find an explicit answer to this question. After some tries and errors i come to the solution. It is funny, but in a week after i finded the solution, Facebook changed the procedure and i've forced to look for a new one. After all here is the up-to-date solution "how to add an iframe to a Facebook page". Use it and enjoy the summer:

Dienstag, 1. April 2014

30 cheat sheats for successful SEO

cheat sheets for successful seo

What a SEO needs to know?

The web is flooded with infografics and cheat sheets. Somebody meant once, such giveaways are good for SEO as linkbuilding assets and now everybody makes some. At least as copy and share. I will not speculate about whether or how many of them bring real value, imo most of them are redundant, but my personal biggest problem with them was - THE cheat sheet was NEVER present, if it was really needed (at least for me). Indeed, the sense and the convenience of cheat sheets is if they are there just in time, at the moment, whem one needs them. So i decided to create a collection of all cheat sheets i ever used on my SEO activities and share it. This cheat sheets suite is an evergreen knowledge, hints and tricks, which will be always helpful. Surely this knowledge isn't enough to call oneself an expert, but for somebody who does SEO, specially technical SEO and Onpage SEO, these cheat sheets will render a great service. And for somebody who learns SEO at the moment, they will give a great summary of things which must be learned. These cheat sheets cover already all essential knowledge segments a SEO brings daily into action. Befor publishing i reviewed all cheat sheets to find eventuallya fresher version - for some of them i finded one indeed.

Montag, 31. März 2014

How to practice guest blogging successfully without penalty fear

Guest blogging tip
There are hard times for guest bloggers and guest blogging platforms. Google's top spam officer  means, guest blogging is done. Even was penalized one of the most successful guest blogging brokers. There is a big chaos and panic in the webmarketing environment. "Guest blogging is dead" is one of the most searchable phrases. But in my opinion there is a kind of doing guest blogging, which allows the successful valuable guest blog practice. Lets look on what exactly hates Google on guest blogging, what exactly drives a guest blogger into penalty and how the common sense and semantic markup help us to spread our guest blog articles and get valuable backlinks for it without penalty fear.

Samstag, 22. März 2014

Authorship markup: how to combine correctly several kinds of it?

Yes, exactly, how to correctly combine them? More: why is it useful and needful to use several authorship markup and whether it produces any SEO-profit?

Some SEOs dispute about differences of using author and publisher properties, another SEOs advice to use only rel="author"... I say: use all you might use simultaneously! (it's needless to say, don't use something, what doesn't fit your context and could be ranked as e.g. rich snippets spam etc ).

Montag, 17. März 2014

Optimizing of Blogger load time

Insert scripts properly into Blogger template's head

There are many how-to's for implementing of third-part scripts into Blogger templates, mostly custom css and javascripts. I personally use Syntaxhighlighter and Google Analytics. But the most how-to's advice users to insert scripts into the template's head. This approach is against all best practices for optimizing of site's load times. If scripts are inserted into the head, the whole site's content will not load and wait till all scripts are fully loaded. This influences negatively the whole site's load time, which, as you know is an important ranking signal. The there is a strong dependency: more scripts in the head - longer load time - poorer ranking.

My advice for you (i tested it myself without any issue): insert scripts into the body's bottom, just befor closing tag. If something doesn't work, you could still move scripts one by one into the head.

How to SEO Joomla? - advanced SEO extensions and workarounds

From all free PHP web CMS i like Joomla more than all other. Why? I can work with it very effectively and get done alone enterprise level projects, which would need e.g. with Drupal or Typo3 about 3 working persons. I started to use Joomla as it was called Mambo and use it still on some projects. With the time it become more and more pleasant to work with - the structure becomes mature and MVC, usability makes fun, extensions repository grows and contains fantastic extensions. And there are too some wonderful tools and workarounds for accomplishing Joomla SEO tasks, speciall OnPage. Some extensions, which i use extensively myself i will introduce below. I will talk only about free or extremely lowcost extensions.

Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

How to minify javascript / css?

We are agreed, that assets like html, css and javascript must be better minified. If not, YSlow, Google Page Speed test and similar tools will give your site less scoring points and advice you to minify. It is enough said about importance of load optimizing for SEO, so lets look, what we can do and what we use to achive best possible result.
I tested 17 free tools to minify JavaScript online: after minifying with the best tool there are ca 43% of code remained,  the "worst" tool (not really worst) remained ca 51% of code. It worth also to minify. To minify CSS gives ca 60% of less code - It worth also to minify too. Read further - i list all tested online minifying tools with stats and a few server-side traffic-saving hints :

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Imagemap creation for SEO purposes

It's not a kind of doing, what you can use on each corner. But such hint could help you to diversify and enrich your assets and to gain the spreading of your source. But don't misuse - you could be just quickly abused;) Google doesn't like if you become oversmart. I'm talking about imagemaps, the links inside of imagemaps and making use of imagemaps for SEO purposes.